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Speak in Japanese! Speak in English! Enjoy Conversations! Come meet lots of people and make conversation partners! We are a student association for Japanese/English learners of Michigan State University and Lansing Community College.

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Friday, September 30, 2005

BBQ/Potluck Party 10/02/05

We have NECA BBQ/Potluck party on Sunday at Lake Lansing Park.

NECA BBQ/Potluck Party
On Sunday, Oct 2nd 2005, 12pm
@ Lake Lansing Park

On Sunday morning 11:30 am, we will all be meeting at the Owen Hall lounge. Everyone (include those giving rides) please meet at this time. For this to work properly, please bring food to provide. If you can’t provide food, please bring $5 to $10 to cover for other food which will be provided by the NECA staff. Let’s have a good time.